Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Microsoft Songsmith – Craft songs with ease

Its been a long time since I was excited about Music Software. Back in the day (well 2003) I used to create dance music with my Year3s, using Dance Ejay. I am sure these tracks sound very dated now!


If I was working with a class on the old QCA ICT and Music unit now, what would I use? For kids reared on the Wii and PS2, some of our Primary software doesn’t really excite or look very credible anymore when pitted against Singster or Guitar Hero.

Well I probably would use some off the shelf games, though DJ Hero excites me more than Guitar Hero!

But I would also look at Microsoft Songsmith a free tool that oozes creative application designed by their research wing. With Songsmith children can compose their own tunes and mix in automated backing tracks.

There is great scope here to work on the Reviewing and Modifying strand of Primary ICT, as your first attempt will always need some further editing and polishing until you can finally publish your masterpiece.

And talking of publishing, you can save your work  as a WMA for further play in Audacity or choose the option to export to Windows Movie Maker, prompting you to produce your own Music Video.

I have made a very naff video to illustrate my first go with this below:



I am not the first to blog about SongSmith,

read Lord Ollie of Bray’s blog for another take on the app

and also look at the UK Innovative Teachers Network blog.

You can also read my post on another free Microsoft tool Autocollage here.


Mark Campion said...

Hi Ant

Interetsing piece on Songsmith. I may be behind others but I was introduced to MuseScore recently. It's free music and notation software and very impressive and people who are interested in Songsmith may be interested in MuseScore too: www.musescore.org

Ricky Luthor said...

Your words are simply beauty. Way of expressing your thoughts is quite appreciable.