Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Headlines and Newspapers on the IWB

As a Year 4 Teacher, I kept a tatty paper folder full of newspaper clippings. They were well trusted scraps that I deemed appropriate to use to teach news media.When these became old and torn I’d ring the local newspaper and ask for 30 copies of the latest edition.Though  I later moved onto scanning these pages in to my PC, I always hoped for an easier way.

And now for a Redbridge/Newham or Barking Teacher there is an easier way…

The Ilford Recorder have now digitised their news and past issues can be searched in order to find some relevant content. You can of course zoom in and out of these pages and use your IWB software to annotate or highlight. I gave this a go the other night on the back room SMART Board and I think the results speak for themselves. 


more recorder

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aram said...

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