Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shape Collage

I have come across this tool before, but its recently been updated. Shape Collage is a small app that once downloaded allows you to merge a set of images into a heart, circle or rectangle.

Well that is  what I remember it did anyway, it has developed a bit since then. Now you can also customise the collage shape that the pictures merge into, this could be anything from a tree to an imported school logo or map of the borough. Also you are now able to pull in pictures from urls, though not Facebook.

In the examples below I have created 4 different collages, the final one I hope you recognise as a tree.

In the classroom this could be used as a way to display images from a residential or field trip or as a way of presenting images from across the school year. I think I would also use Flickr creative commons images or/ and my own pictures to create a collage of images to illustrate or inspire a poem. Of course this could be replicated with real images and pritt stick in Art and then compared with the on-screen version.

test4 test test2 test3

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