Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Netbooks and Scratch in PC Pro

Visit your local Tescos and in amongst the racks of Computer Active, Web User and Wired magazine is this months PC Pro magazine.

The title: Give your Kids the IT edge caught my eye, as did the review of 20 netbooks.

I recommend picking this up for a holiday read as it gives a very different overview of what children could achieve at different Key Stages and some simple walk throughs. For this read blogging at Key Stage 1 and Scratch at Key Stage 2. It is great to see Scratch endorsed for Key Stage 2 in this way and the walk through should give less experienced teachers a good starting point for working with this interface.

The Netbook megatest is very good, though no mention of the Fizzbook. Also handy is a review of handheld HD Video cameras.

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Rob Butler said...

PC Pro is the only magazine I subscribe to (thanks Tesco clubcard!) and their podcast and twitter feed is pretty good too.

I find that their coverage of consumer and business IT is the best of the mainstream IT mags for keeping up to date with ICT news. Whilst it doesn't always have an education focus I find it useful for my job.

I'd add my vote for PC Pro!