Thursday, August 13, 2009

Advice for New Primary ICT Subject Leaders

In the midst of my Autumn term course planning, I am once again looking to my learning network to give me some advice that I can pass on to those who are new at leading Primary ICT.

In my own experience I was a PE Coordinator (hahah), and later Humanities Coordinator before taking on the role of ICT in my last school. I can honestly say it was (and is still) the best job you can do, second only to teaching 30 eager children each day. It is a subject that never sits still, (unlike the ICT National curriculum).

It is also one where you are constantly  learning and pass on your knowledge to others. Though of course you could just turn into this geeky, aloof, leave me alone… go and ask the technician when they come in on Thursday type, but those coordinators don’t exist do they?

Anyway for an up and coming course for new Subject Leaders I have approached two local patriarchs of ICT to give their top tips. I hope you find them useful.

Terry Freedman


Dave Smith

If you have any other advice for those new to the role – do comment in the usual way.I suppose I need to rise to the challenge and record a video myself, but that’ll have to wait a few weeks.

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