Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SMART Maths Beta

SMART Board Maths Beta 3

I have been having a play with the latest update from SMART - Maths Beta

Before I elaborate further let me point out a couple of things, first this is just a BETA, you can download and play with this, but it will expire in the middle of Autumn term October 1st. After that you will need to pay for it. Also this is not an addition to the Notebook gallery as we have seen before, rather you now get a series of extra tools to play with, obviously Maths tools, hence the name!

With the Beta, you get the following:

A compass

A protractor

A ruler

A quick Regular polygon maker

A quick Irregular/ point to point creator

A line graph generator

A number line generator

Am I impressed?

The compass, protractor and ruler are very easy to drag around, re-size and generally manipulate. They are tools that Activ software has had for a long time and should really be standard, so I am disappointed that these will have to be bought as an add-on (do correct me if this is wrong). The shape tools are very handy as it can often be a bit of a faff drawing these on screen under the current toolbar. I most liked the number line generator which allowed me to quickly plot a negative to positive number line, which would take a very long and fiddly time under the current arrangements.

I was most let down by the line graph tool, this proved unwieldy to plot coordinates on and I wanted to have the ability to switch between line, block and bar graphs. It seems I'll have to stick with ITPS for this area.

If you have any questions re: this update SMART have got a FAQ here

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