Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ICT Coordinators Shopping List

I've begun putting together a list of items that an ICT Coordinator, particularly one that is new to the role might consider worthy of spending that dwindling budget on.

So far the response from my Twitter network has been good, though as of 3pm on Tuesday I have around 10 items and could do with more. If you feel you could contribute to this list then email me and I'll send you an invite. Please bear the following in mind:

I am looking mostly for software that is tried and tested by you - not just product promotion

We have yet to include any decent Open source materials in the list - no Audacity as yet

Our list is a bit focused on Key Stage 1 and Foundation, what about Key Stage 2

If you want to contribute, we'll need your name, the product description and the best current price.

Thanks to Simon Haughton, John Sutton and Tricia Neal for their contributions so far

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