Monday, September 08, 2008

Whiteboard Resources for Foundation Stage

I am compiling a link and review list of best resources for Foundation, if you have any that I have missed, then please let me know!

Snapdragon- 'Goldilocks and the three Bears'
A very Welsh on-screen text, click on the orange/red text to have it spoken back.

Drag and drop the correct name to the body part- each label is spoken, so there is no requirement to be able to read the labels.

I like the idea of this resource. It allows a student to click on an image to make their request known. Clicking on picture of the toilet will speak, ' Can I go to the toilet?" and clicking on the milk image will prompt the computer to ask 'Can I have some orange juice?. I guess a student could use this almost as an interpreter or speech synthesiser, though as this is a little linear to navigate, it might better to use this with a small group as a way of modelling language.

This resource also has versions in Bengali, Urdu and other community languages.

For training sessions and general Whiteboard Pedagogy, I always return to the e2bn foundation pages. Here there are pages on all aspects of ICT in Foundation Stage, as well as an excellent Training Powerpoint and Photo-Gallery. click here to go their IWB in FS pages

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John Sutton said...

Don't forget the amazing - lots of the activities on there work well on a whiteboard. Then there is Slightly whacky but with a bit of imagination is great for counting/sorting games etc.