Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Toys not Clay

I have recently begun to liberate all those Doctor Who Figures and sets that have bean sitting in my cupboards. I guess I have finally realised that toys should be for the playing and not for future ebay fallbacks, should the credit crunch bite harder.
However the reason for getting the figures out of their plastic and card homes, was this funny but strangely inspiring video I stumbled across below. I have showed it to Nicholas, who reminded me that when doing animation in Primary, we do not have to use plasticine or clay, toys are just as good. In reflecting on this I can see that if you are spending too long on the building of Clay Gorgons, or reattaching the arm of a Roman soldier, it can take you away from the story telling or on-screen editing.

Watch and enjoy (if Youtube is blocked in school - wait till you get home)

More on film and animation soon when I launch our Film competition.


Terry Freedman said...

good point, Anthony. I have seen some great videos done by very young children, using toys. Oscar Stringer has examples on his website I think.

John Sutton said...

My son made a few videos recreating scenes from Harry Potter using Lego. If I can find one I'll put it on the web somewhere and post a link.