Thursday, September 11, 2008

Visualisers Again

Tomorrow I am going to be working with a teacher on the use of a visualiser. I thought I'd use this post to remind readers of the visualiser forum and to blog some ideas about how a visualiser can be used in the classroom.

Uses for the Visualiser:

  • To demonstrate processes in Design and Technology and Art
  • To make any book a shared big book for reading
  • To show off a good piece of work
  • To look up-close @ Mini-Beasts, leaves, rice, sugar or some pond dipping
  • To show children how you'd like their work set out in Maths
  • To avoid photocopying by using just one worksheet
  • To support children with visual impairments
  • To record short films such as seeds germinating
  • To use as a capture tool for images- which can then be used on the whiteboard or in Word to make worksheets
  • To demonstrate letter formation
  • And... - please let me know if I have missed any

Thanks to Aver Media, Samsung and Dave Smith for posting the following videos on YouTube, these give context and inspiration for the use of the Visualiser:

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