Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Foundation Stage IWB sites

Thank you to John Sutton, who pointed out/reminded me of a couple of other sites that are ideal for Foundation Stage Teachers and the IWB. The best of these is of course Poisson Rouge.

This site has puzzle, drag and drop elements and what I call interacts. These are areas which react in interesting wasy to a click or SMART Board push. For instance a click on a leaf might make the minibeasts spin or dance or rotate. This feedback makes this resource ideal for both Foundation and Special. 

By far the best aspect of this site  is the alpahabet area, here there is a very visual drag and drop activity for each letter of the alphabet, a great reinforcer.

Other site worth a look

Thanks to Gary @ Fullwood, who told me about his friend's site, which was covered later in the week by Ictopus magazine. The site is Topicbox and it provides access to reviewed primary links, undet phase and subject headings. it is fast and gives you more information than a google search would. It is good to see what others have chosen as the most popular resource and I like the fact that it tells me whether it is suitable for class use and/ or as a teacher resource. It is simple, clean and citrusy too.

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