Sunday, July 22, 2007

Classroom Displays Blog

Image Credit: LindaH

It seems people other than my friends do actually read my blog. One such reader is Linda Hartley from nearby Newham. She administers the Classroom display blog and the linked
Flickr group for images of Classroom displays.

I have spent the last twenty minutes scrolling through the display images pool in Flikr. What an opportunity- in my first year in this role of consultancy I have nosed round schools and looked at some stunning displays. However looking through this pool, one is able to see over 745 images from teachers classrooms. Some of them are very innovative, e,g the mind map and word walls, others are bright and artistic, but most just scream 'this is a learning environment from the wall'. Though one or two irritate my autistic need for tidy boarders!

I'd love to see some ICT displays in this poll, and maybe I have missed some. ICT suites often lack displays, though those that have them often have some quite stunning things on the wall, like the giant keyboard at a Primary I saw back in November or the huge list of SMART Internet rules I saw last month.

Keep up the good work Linda and lets see more ICT display that shows high expectations and innovative learning.

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Linda said...

I agree there are not enough ICT displays in the pool - and you've seen some good ones in Redbridge, hmm...and you are a member of the group and you own a digital camera?
I'm just saying - LOL :-)
Thanks for the links - all are welcome at Classroom Displays and Usefulwiki.

Anonymous said...

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my teaching has never been to one class. i have been given some time to the primary and some time the middle.

they are two different mental standards to observe.

when i come to primary i all the time with colors paint and word and board decoration.

when i come to middle i am totally involved with creative learning with the system throughly.

i have a had a great time veiwing your blog. will say hi soon.


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