Friday, July 20, 2007

SMART Jigsaw- New Tools

Great news for SMART BOARD users. SMART have released a lesson activity toolkit to aid teachers in preparing notebooks. This is only in beta format at the moment and there are one or two glitches, which I am sure will be overcome. But these aside there are some fantastic tools here, tools which make the job of SMART board creation even easier and build on the flash resources which the board currently ships with.

Download the Beta and offer feedback@

Here are a few example screenshots

Word list tool- click on the frog or other icon to reveal a word list- e.g. spellings of the week

Teachers notes- why not put these at the beginning of a notebook to explain the learning objective for future reference

Match the clues to the words- great for science and maths vocab reinforcement

Multiple choice questions - millionaire style

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Linda Bilsborrow said...

Great piece of information, I love the word reveal tool. Thanks for posting about this.