Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Freeware

At our last subject leaders event we looked at various pieces of exciting freeware and how they could be used within the primary ICT curriculum.

The first was SCRATCH, which would be great for More Able children to explore as a programming tool or to address some elements of the Control and Sensing strand, though not all!. I am also wary about teachers thinking that this is a valid alternative at Key Stage 2, as successful control should include real hands-on kit. Anyway the software has huge creative scope and I hope Les at Uphall has something to tell us later this year, after his tech support has played with it and taught a few lessons.

The video below illustrates what it can do:

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Mr Harrington said...

Hi Anthony - this looks interesting, I think that I have coe across it before - but will now take a closer look :) Thanks Ddraig-Goch