Thursday, April 19, 2007


I often have techno-nightmares and techno failure realities-i.e. the software/hardware works in the office and then seems to go pear-shaped when I am showing a less than enthusiastic teacher, thus enforcing their cynicism about technology. I have learned to over prepare on this one -even to the point of annoying my colleagues and family my driving my Robolab buggy over the dinner table or under the desks of the advisory team office.

However I recently had the worst possible technofailure- I was preparing to DJ for our charity disco in Ilford a few weeks ago- it was all going well- I was seamlessly mixing Disco Inferno into Stevie Wonder, when the CD deck made a noise like a cocoa lid spinning on the floor- no music entered either my ears or the speakers. With the disco the next evening, it was slightly worrying. Or to put it another way,slightly expensive- I got round it by buying new improved CD decks, remembering that lasers on CD decks die after 2-3 years and that it had been at least 3 years since I had bought my last set.

While looking around the Disco website I noticed some rather space saving DJ systems. I currently carrying a massive coffin case of two CD decks, mixer and not too mention 4 cases of CD, lights and speakers. Switching to MP3 would save me even more space and muscle strain.!!

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