Monday, March 12, 2007

More Videos

Teachers TV have added a Science and the IWB video- yet to watch it but it looks good.

Here's the blurb:

This programme shows how a primary teacher is using ICT to enliven science lessons.
Year 4 teacher Helen Hardie has incorporated a range of uses of ICT into her weekly science investigations. By using data loggers, digital video cameras and interactive slideware, she involves and engages her pupils from the outset.
Looking at the best way to insulate a cup of tea, graphing software lets pupils make sense of the temperature readings they collect. Easy-to-use ICT places the investigation firmly in the eager hands of the pupils.

Other notable science videos are:

Ophelia Vanderpoi shows how the microscope can be use to show seed growing:

There are a range of videos featuring footage of coastal environments, such as
The Turning Tide - Cliffs and Coastal Paths

Also for KS1 there are Blue Dragon videos on QCA science themes such as
The Blue Dragon - Slipping and Sliding

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