Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Digital Memories for Y6

Its getting to the end of the year and soon Year Six will be saying goodbye to both their teachers and their schools. This time of the year always makes me think of reality TV shows and the bit when Davina says 'Its been a blast- here are your best bits'. The contestant normally talks about how its been a roller coaster ride and we then watch a montage of clips.

It got me thinking about some ideas and activities we could do with children to show off their highlights of their time at school. Here are a few suggestions- thanks to my Twitter network who have come up trumps here:

I have to say I was also inspired by a video I came across made by an ex pupil of her time at the school - here she proves that I my lesson in Windows Movie Maker paid off.

End of Year Six digital memories ideas:

  • Create an animated slideshow using Microsoft Photo Story 3 - don't forget this is a free download and very easy to use - pupils in our Infants schools can and have used it. Not sure how to do it, here's a tutorial from Youtube

  • Create a more animated and funky slideshow using animoto- educators can set up a free account - visit to sign up - here's one I made earlier:

  • You could also use a new and freely available Microsoft programme called Autocollage, this allows you to create a blended photomontage like the one below

You will need to watch this video of a famous ICT Consultant to see how the sofwtare works and where to get it from:

Now here are some ideas from my Twitter Network of ICT Coordinators/ Bloggers/ Teachers etc - I must add that as with any online tool, you will need to try these sites and tes their suitabaility before using them with your class.

Create a Comic Life newsletter / report using digital photos collected throughout the year @markw29

How about Podcasting their favourite memories


Make a video yearbook - Short piece to camera for each child of their favourite memory - backdrop of the whiteboard with photos on


you could use any of these sites: wallwisher, photopeach, glogster and


Its got to be


This last entry was a site I'd not heard of before, but having tried it - I think the output looks really good, here is an example


anjmanga aka Anjum Razaq said...

Hey guys... at Cleveland we are getting the kids to use mediator and they are doing video interviews on flips, audio interviews with their best friends and teachers on audacity and picture collages/slideshow using animoto... they are nearly finished and are loving it!

DK said...

Thanks for the link-love and great examples here :-)

MediaSnackers Founding Director