Saturday, May 30, 2009


There seems to be a bit of Microsoft renaissance at the moment, or is that I seem to be reading a lot about their innovations right now. Web User Magazine has lots of information on exciting online tools in their edition this fortnight, and it would be wrong for me to transcribe them all here, but it is well worth the £1.99.

Even as I am writing this and trying to ignore the Britain's Got Talent noise on ITV, the commercial break begins with : I am a PC and I am eight years old. Furthermore, I caught the regional news last week, whilst on holiday and one of their top stories was of a Microsoft Surface project in a Cambridge classroom.

Also I have been watching with the interest the Microsoft UK Schools News Blog, where Rayfl has been updating us on how Windows 7 will be very good news for schools, both in terms of usability, security and simplicity. I recomend you follow his blog, or at least look at the Windows 7 Learning Snacks which give you a flavour of what is to come in Windows 7.

And Finally, Ollie Bray alerted me to this clip from the BBC on the Microsoft home of the future:


OllieBray said...

I agree - they are producing some really good stuff. Have you seen this?

I think it could be a game changer?

Hope yu are well


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