Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Teachmeet Reflections and Uploads 2


Another upload from Teachmeet, which was hosted last week by Havering and Redbridge @ the CEME centre.

Tom Barrett was one of our 15 minute or 'mini- note' speakers and his talk did not disappoint. Tom's talk took us on a tour around his classroom, showcasing both the old technology of pritt stick and rulers and the newer resources like the laptop trolley and the Wii.

Ollie Bray has written quite extensively on Tom's talk, though I would recommend you also watch the clip for a mixture of inspiration and to learn how Tom uses practical ICT tools. Look out for :

The use of delicious by both teacher and pupils

The use of Google Earth as a story Mapping device

How Tom integrates Twitter into his lessons- when appropriate

More Tomorrow - (Computer Crashs Premitting)