Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Really Useful Book of ICT in the Early Years

A great book arrived for me this morning, 'The Really Useful Book of ICT in the Early Years', it is proving difficult to put it down and return to some of the more mundane tasks of my job. I noticed this Publication on the E2BN Foundation Stage ICT site, which I have often used to pull in resource for Early Years ICT. The site has had a bit of a revamp and all of the guidance and resources are linked to the revisions made to EYFS.

The book has guidance on lesson planning, curriculum mapping, tools for auditing provision, alongside other useful resources like sample letters for photography permission. Big names in ICT for Early Years, such as Harriet Price and Rachel Ager (Northampton) have contributed essays to this very comprehensive text, which is very readable and full of practical examples and fresh ideas.

This is essential for ICT Coordinators - particularly those that think ICT in reception is about all 30 children having 40 minutes in the ICT suite on 'Colour Magic' arrraggah!!

Update - been reading Chapter 2 - Heather Lowe looks @ Children's indpendance and ICT, this really makes you think about how we design spaces for children to access technology. Imagine you had to sit with feet dangling and pull you documents out of a printer you could barely reach!! -This is great stuff for those who care about early childhood education with embedded ICT.

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Harriet said...

Very glad you are enjoying our book and finding it useful!