Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Tale of Two Cameras

Last week, I was very excited to unpack a new Flip Mino, which I hope to use in all aspects of my work. Having tried it out on such exciting places as the car park, I can confirm the sound and picture quality are as good as, and if not better than what I can achieve with my Sony chunky clunky video camera I bought three years ago, which now seems very cumbersome.

The advantage of this baby is that it is very easy to use with limited buttons and touch screen control. The other advantage is that it slips easily in your pocket and as I have said before this is the surely the Key Stage Two/Three Equivalent of the Digi-Blue.

That very day I went along to the Pharmacy for some cough mixture for the boys,while there I spotted a budget version of the Fisher Price digital camera for kids. The Fisher Price model is a very Robust device with a fifty quid price tag. But Lloyd Pharmacy were stocking a similar and slightly flimsier model called 'My First Digital Camera' by Budz. This was just £15 and has been snapped up for school and my own boys use. I have not subjected this to a thorough test yet but it in the box it appears to be well suited to the Foundation/ Key Stage 1 market.

I will add more, once it has been liberated from the box.

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