Monday, December 08, 2008

Surveying and Benchmarking

A couple of weeks ago Alex and I talked to a group of Deputy Head teachers about ICT in schools and we explored that perennial question:

What does good look like?

The responses we got show just how subjective this can be and to prove the point I have included below, one of the exercises we used . We gave each delegate an envelope containing a number of descriptors/ scenarios of Primary ICT. We asked for each of these 12 statements to be sorted into 3 categories, based on the new categories of the Self Review Framework and ICT Mark. This is ungraded, ICT Mark and ICT Excellence Award, this provoked a lot of discussion, and some unexpected results. We than asked people to grade these statements in order of importance for the school.

With such subjectivity and difference in priorities, a benchmarking tool or national Yard stick is very helpful as both a challenge and support to schools. Love it or hate it the Self Review Framework is such a yard stick.

I have embedded the descriptors below, and ask you to give a score of 1- 10 based on how important they are for a school. I have also pasted the google gadget in order for you to see the overall results. At present it just reflects my response to the survey.

I would also add that during this session we also surveyed those attending about their role and priorities, this was not related to the ICT question, but I got the chance to use Turning Point' to help collect the data live. I have been using this handy electronic pad at conferences for the last two - three years as a delegate, but I had never put together anything with it myself before.

I was so impressed with this system and its ease of use.Following installation of the software, the plugging in of the dongle and the typing in of the questions, we had a set of live questions which once answered graphed neatly in the Powerpoint show. Simple and easy !

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