Monday, October 20, 2008

Silly Movie

Last week at Subject Leaders we began to look at Film as this year we asking the question, what does good film look like in the classroom/ ICT Suite etc. There are so many opportunities for children to collaborate together and create something that tells a story, challenges opinions or just entertains. When I first taught film , it was linked to Geography and ICT and children filmed parents parking on the yellow lines outside the school. They turned this into a very comprehensive documentary, though at the time I remember the camera was greatly lacking both a tripod and a decent microphone.

Following a deep introduction, I was hoping for something amazing from the assembled teachers, well make up your own mind as to whether we achieved this aim. Below you will see the effort of some of the ICT Coordinators that attended.

Thef ilm below was created with Windows Movie Maker and used music from the LGFL Audio network.

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