Friday, August 01, 2008

A delicious upgrade

Delicious has had an upgrade, it is now sleeker and easier to navigate through. For instance you can now collapse your view of your bookmarks to show less or more detail. I have found it is easier to switch between my own bookmarks and those saved by others for me.
Searching is also easier as you can combine tags
The more I use the new version, the more features I spot, for instance you can find out more detail about a website by typing in url and seeing how its been tagged, how many people have tagged it, then scan through the entries to see how it has been described by community members.
Redbridge Primary ICT people can ensure that others see their favourite and 'wow look at this' sites by tagging links with 'redbridgeit'. You can view all of the sites favoured by Redbridge PICT people by visiting:
You could then subscribe to these links, in order to stay up to date with what's hot by pasting the following into your google reader/igoogle page:
Many people still don't get but for me it comes down to simple mobility. In schools teachers still talk of saving a site to their 'favourites'. These favourites are seen when a teacher log into the school network, but not at home or on any other machine and what's more there is no way of efficiently searching for the site that they 'bookmarked' and saved a few weeks ago.
With delicious my list is mobile stays with me wherever I go and log on. And as long as I have remembered to carefully tag everything for a rainy day, I can easily locate that brilliant site I found months ago.

L is for Lists

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