Sunday, March 30, 2008

Teach Meet 08

TeachMeet Monday May 19th
Redbridge Teachers Centre 6:00pm- 9:30pm
5:30pm for a prompt 6:00pm start

On the evening of the ICT Conference we have got together with colleagues from Newham and Havering for an ‘unconfernce’ evening, hosted by the keynote speaker of the day, Ewan McIntosh. Ewan has already hosted many of these events across the country, the most popular being the national Teachmeet held every year at the Bett Show. Nicholas and I attended this year and found it both inspiring and practical, one delegate described Teachmeet as ‘the best CPD he’d ever attended’.

This is what John Davitt said of Teachmeet in the Gaurdian:

For me, this year's Bett came alive on the Friday evening at 6pm when the
show had closed and 100 teachers came together in loose association, under the
guidance of young web 2.0 wizard Ewan McIntosh - they gathered to share their
experiences in five-minute chunks at the Bett TeachMeet ( It was nirvana with
beer vouchers!
So what happens during a Teachmeet?
Quite simply you just turn up @ the venue as either an enthusiastic lurker or to share what you are doing with technology. Everyone gets the opportunity to chat, network and listen to the presentations given in an informal environment.

Presentations can be given by anyone that ha registered for the event, but, there are rules. You are allowed to show video clips or images but, you are not allowed to use PowerPoint. You may choose to share a 7 minute presentation or a small 2 minute talk. And of course you do not have to present, you can just listen.

Refreshments will be provided by our sponsors (Softease), and it should be some of the best CPD you’ll ever get! However this evening of sharing and learning about the exciting (and just plain ordinary) applications of technology in North East London can only be successful if you attend!!

What do I need to do?
You will need to visit the official Teachmeet Site, follow the link to our event, and register by editing the page and inserting your name under the right column. You can also find this event on Facebook and RedbridgePDC.
Anything else?
Spread the word, get other interested teachers, techies and head teachers to come too!

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