Monday, March 31, 2008

podcasting across the curriulum

podcasting across the curriulum
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During our Podcasting course last week, I got people to think about how we could use podcasting across the curriculum. As Doug Dickinson recently said,podcasting should not become another ‘tie dying’ fad, i.e. something that only gets tried once in school and then is discarded.

In some of our schools, it is already becoming embedded right across the curriculum and is not a mere fad. The discussion that is recorded in the 2Connect above shows that there are many contexts for Podcasting beyond just ICT or literacy.

It also shows what happens when teachers get together and share and shape ideas.

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The Dunnes said...

Hi Anthony. I've just tried to get into Oakdale Junior School podcast channel to add some stuff using the username and password we were given on the course on 26 march. It wont let me in!!! Aargh!Am I doing something wrong? An going in to atomwide and not the others as it says on the sheet. It worked on the day. Would the original one you gave me to create the account still be the one I should use. Sorry to bother you. Helen Dunne