Sunday, November 04, 2007

Podcast Lgfl Style

I am a regular user of the LGFL Podcast site and I believe we are lucky to have free web hosting for our Podcasts here in London. If you haven't seen this before visit Currently the site allows easy upload of Mp3 files,which are then freely available to listen to under the borough channels, or links can be made to the hosting site on websites or blogs.

While working with a class on Friday, I discovered the site has now been upgraded to include a record facility. This allows fifteen minutes of audio to be recorded online via a Java environment. This is a nice touch, but I am still a Podium fan, for sheer ease of use, capacity and offline availability for editing and improving.

I have said it before and I will say it again, when Podium .2.0 arrives, it will be the Primary Podcasting application as it will allow user to overlay tracks and narrate over music. Bring it on Softease please.

I would recommend that all Redbridge Primary schools make full use of the LGFL podcast site and upload their Podcasts here for free!! We are beginning to see some Redbridge content, but there is plenty of web server space for more.


Linda Bilsborrow said...

Hi Anthony
Thanks for the timely* link to these lgfl podcasts. I presume your schools have the ability to download mp3 files - or is this managed through Podium?


*I'm doing a live demo of Podium at a Subject Leaders meeting tomorrow and technical rehearsals have not gone well today!

Anthony Evans said...

Good luck with it tomorrow Linda!

My first demo of Podium did not go too well,probabaly because I had not checked the audio properties on all machines and we were using USB mics. The second session though went almost without a hitch. My colleague in Islington said she could do a whole Inset on setting up Mics.

Bear with it and keep it simple to begin with. Best of luck

Eneas McNulty said...

Hi Anthony, thanks for the quote regarding my thoughts on podium on another post. I was indeed referring to audacity. I have played around with the LGFL podcast tool too. When LGFL finally decided to commission one they went with the cheapest of threee options. My colleague, Ophelia Vanderpuye and myself almost begged them to integrate Podium as an online tool, which is what softease were proposing to do, but it would have been a more more expensive option...GRRRHHH... I suppose the LGFL online recorder is a small move forward but I don't really like it nor the site. BUT it is a starting point for many schools and is free. I too can't wait for Podium 2.0.It will really open up so many possibilities. My self and Ophelia have put up a website where we publish our Podium podcasts, http//
I really Like your blog!

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