Thursday, November 01, 2007

On screen Calculators

I was working with one of my Maths consultant colleagues today and she asked me if I knew of an equivalent to the OHP calculator that many of us used back in the day, and some I am sure still use. I knew there was this feature in both SMART and Activ, but they just seemed a bit too small. As calculator use is now in Y4 for Renewed Framework Numeracy, we needed something big, bold and easy to use. After a trawl of the net, I cam across the Big Blue and the Big Red calculator which come as exe and swf files. They are far more superior to some of the online calculators that contain banner adds or have digits that are just too darn small.

Take a look, and a download @

If any of my loyal readers ( or reader!) know of or have used any other calculators, then please post a comment.

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Two Whizzy said...

Hi Anthony
Thanks for this, came along at just the right time.
Regards Simon