Thursday, October 25, 2007

Virgin Megastore

Virgin Megastore
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I was here on Monday, just before attending the Stephen Heppell event in Piccadilly. I have been in London since 1997, and coming from a small town with a small record/CD store, this store was amazing.

I used to trek up here along the district line on a Saturday or after school on weekdays, (particularly if it had been a bad day!). It appeared that they had every conceivable music and video release here and I would blow pay cheques here without a thought. But today it struck me that I hadn't physically bought a CD or DVD in a shop in years. The choice and low price that I get from Amazon, Ebay and other is immense. I thought I'd miss the smell of the cellophane and the buzz of new releases and the excitement of vast racks of CDs.

Actually I found today that the place just annoyed me - there were DVDs and CDs that I could get online for a fraction of the price and the choice was limited,compared to the long tail that I can scroll or search down through on Amazon. Hey I didn't even get any personal recommendations here.

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