Friday, October 26, 2007

SKRBL- a collaborative whiteboard

This is something Nicholas and I got rather excited about, at the end of last term. It is basically an online whiteboard that can be shared by multiple users. As the administrator you can upload files and images and others can annotate over these or type on text. You can also publish work as a html, making it easy to use this as a really simple web page creator. I think I'll be using it as another form of collaborative brainstorming in Subject Leaders and other training sessions. All I'll need to do is give out the URL and allow guests to add text on a given question .

Here is an example of a skrbl that Nic and I worked on @ separate machines:

And if you click on this link, you'll find an open whiteboard that you can contribute to:

if you have used it before and/ or you have other ideas then let me know your thoughts and comments


Anonymous said...

I see teachers also using skrbl in the class. Check out this blog, the video shows the skrbl whiteboard in action in a class of 25 students.

Anonymous said...

oops here's the blog URL