Monday, August 06, 2007

Y6 Guided Tour

Year 6 Non-fiction - Unit 4
Formal/impersonal writing(3 weeks)
This is a summative non-fiction unit designed to be taught towards the end of the school year. It allows children to bring together many of the aspects of non-fiction writing explored over this and previous years and to further expand these through consideration of the further integration of other modalities, for example digital images and video, sound, and presentation in interactive, ICT format. The suggested outcome is the creation of a virtual guided tour of a particular indoor or outdoor location. The unit could be readily linked to work in many other areas of the curriculum.

Note: Where facilities to integrate ICT very fully into this unit do not exist or are not available, it will be possible for the outcome to take the form of some sort of paper guide or live presentation, but this will preclude exploring some of the particularly exciting possibilities that creating ICT text offers
Too right!
For a particularly exciting virtual tour visit:
Click on virtual tour and enjoy your journey around this historic building!