Monday, August 06, 2007

Renewed Framework Scrapbooking

I am just going to use this post as a place to scrap book any more things that strike me as a I continue my journey through the framework. BTW check out the comments on previous posts from Simon.

A bit of live Blogging- this entry has gone through over 9 revisions

Year 5 Unit 1 Non- Fiction Instructions says;

It is important to note that during this sequence there is a close link between the ICT and literacy curriculum. Children will need to engage with the ICT lesson below before beginning this literacy sequence. The ICT lesson gives children the opportunity to learn how to use a new piece of software. The class do not all work on a single piece: instead, half of the class acquire technical ICT expertise on one piece of software while the other half of the class do the same with another piece of software. Children take notes during the ICT lesson to support their later work in the literacy sequence, when each half of the class supports the other half as they grapple with the unseen piece of software.

Wow reading this unit excites me - there is potential for using screencatsing software or if we are truly going to take the idea of the help desk simulation, then there must be some innovative technology use, such as video conferencing or creative use of IM.......

Recounts are written individually, edited in pairs and team, improved and re-presented. Share examples of children's writing in progress for discussion. Model editing and improving writing linked to the agreed success criteria and children's needs.
The presentation can be a newspaper report, radio report, TV report, for example using video cameras with simple digital editing programs, magazine article, e-report or web page (consider hyperlinking from or to the school website). Possibly compile group recounts into a class newspaper, TV-style news programme, etc
I guess I would want to use 2Simulate here and create Podcasts or TV news using Digi-Blues
Construct an argument in note form to persuade others of a point of view, sequencing points logically. Explore how ICT or other use of multimodality might support this (e.g. develop a PowerPoint presentation). Present as a spoken argument to the class or a group making use of persuasive language. Listen to others doing the same and evaluate own and others' presentations.
Nice to see mention of evaluating others presentations and this is also a good context for PowerPoint rather than the traditional Y6 output of rap start pictures with dodgy mid 90s style word art. When I say good context I should say, it is good to see that this presentation would be for an audience and this then make the medium far more powerful and open to evaluation next to a class devised success criteria.
Hang-on just reread this and the idea here is that the presentation software would act as a a support. So we'd be allowing children to learn to be good communicators and not to be those that cause Death by PowerPoint!! Therefore this is not about the kids just producing a PowerPoint then - I guess not.


Nic Hughes said...

This is some cool stuff.

Lots to try in year 5 next year.

I need to spend some time reviewing these units as well.

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