Monday, August 06, 2007

An Aside

I include this post as a small sidebar to all the other bumph I am churning out about the Framework.

Take digital images of children while they work and display these on the IWB for further discussion and evaluation.

This phrase appears throughout the framework for Literacy from Year 1 right up to 6. I am pleased it is there because it just proves how powerful relevant and personal images can be. In many of the units in the framework, the instruction is to use the images on the whiteboard to review or form part of the class work.

Despite my pleasure at seeing digital imagery mentioned so much within the document, I am also acutely aware that I have lost count of the amount of times I have shown teachers how to get pictures form their cameras and onto the PC. This could constitute its own INSET!


Linda said...

Best way to get a teacher's photos onto the computer? Ask the TA to do it! I gave up trying to get teachers to do it for themselves when I was a TA. Seriously - ask yourself who's got more time to do this sort of thing?
Often it's the TA who's taken the photos too. Sometimes advisors aren't talking to the right person in the classroom. Think about it for a few moments and you'll realise that these are the sorts of non teaching tasks that are meant to be covered by the Workplace Agreement.

Anthony Evans said...

I entirely agree- some of the best work I have doen this year has been TA training- they are very receptive too

They are the most underutilsed resource in the classroom sometimes, particularly as some of them have or are already parents and have that sort of intuition that will see or understand things that a younger teacher may miss.

What's more the TA generation is often the group that have missed out on IT.

Nic Hughes said...

Really good point.


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