Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More scrapbooking

More Renewed Framework Scrapbooking and notes

Primary Framework for literacy and mathematics: "They could be recorded on audio or video as a vehicle for both sharing and review."

This is a reference found in Year 1 Literacy Poetry Unit 2 Phase Three . Sharing could be within the class or to a wider audience via Podcasting. Here then is another strong context for Podcasting, as it comes with a curriculum frame and would allow for children to experience a real audience.

I may have said this before but a teacher recently told me that Keys Stage 1 were too young to Podcast. And maybe Audacity is a bit beyond the realms of your average year 1. But a creative and innovative teacher could use just sound recorder or Podium to record these poems. They would not need fancy editing.

It is worth mentioning Radio Willow Web- here kindergarten children are broadcasting to the web.