Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Facebook ban for UK staff

Facebook ban for UK staff
This article came trhough on the Google alerts this morning- staggering growth in the use of Facebook. 'Figures suggest that the number of UK Facebook users has ballooned to some 3.2 million in the past half-year, indicative of the increasing popularity of web 2.0 social network services'

One has to ask why there has been this growth and speaking for myself I think the addiction is about the following:

Esacapism and entertainment
Collecting Organising and Creating a space- the excitement of collecting new things for your profile page and the enjoyment of making it look just so

And crucially:

Easy comunication- Facebook messages involve less work than email I can also send more than just text with this Social Networking app- I can send music video, a virtual hug or a virtual gift.

Why do you think Facebook works and is gaining popularity?

I would agree with Graham Cluley of Sophos, who described Facebook as a "procrastinator's paradise". Yes it can take you away from valuable work, though thankfully the application appears to be blocked where I work!!