Monday, March 12, 2007

Magic School

I-Board is great-there stuff is like My World but without the fuss-sorry My-world fans- For London schools most of their content is online and free to use in class. There are lots of very intuitive and easy to use drag and drop activities to support Foundation and Key Stage 1. For those of you are not privileged enough to live within the glorious country lane, we call the M25, I-Board do allow users to demo some of their software online or download trials.

I thought I knew most of the I-Board stuff, until I came across the Magic school, or as I like to call it Second Life For Foundation stage. In Magic school the user has the option of customising a simple character or avatar and what's more, you could even import digital images, so that the character has a real face. I tried this with my tow boys and they loved watching Daddy move them around the virtual worlds on screen. I then got a bit carried away and manipulated images of my former parallel teacher and site manager. Well ICT should be fun.

Dylan and Leo in the Music room.

Dylan and Leo in the virtual Early Years setting

Then I got carried away..

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