Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Kit


Met with Joanne from TTS this week, who was keen to show me some lovely Beebot coloured peripherals for use in the classroom. I was keen to show the Beebot pictures we'd taken and point her to Simon's Beebot boogie blog entries. (Still gutted I didn't snap a Beebot in the snow- will take one with me to NAACE next week and get some shots of it on the beach.)

Above you can see the Tuffcam, which will be widely available soon. I was lucky enough to be given one to try out for a while and I have to say I quite like it, though I have not had time to actually use it, and it is only a prototype. However ergonomically it is great and the large LCD screen is fab - it means you do not have to hold the camera up to your eye as you would on a certain blue camera.

BTW- there is a debate going on in the TES staffroom currently over which is better .

I am not sure it matters

Other bright yellow items:

A relative of the Beebot- the Constructabot- it can have lego or Connex attached.
I was excited by this but I think what is missing is a robot that sits between the Beebot and the Probot as many teachers are using Beebots in Y1 and reception and are looking for something to address the control unit in Y2. The Probot while being the big brother of the Beebot is slightly too complicated for Y2.

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