Saturday, February 24, 2007

More on Blogging

John Sutton is a bit of an authority on blogging, having already delivered a training day on these @ Redbridge last year. His latest blog post provides some interesting points to consider when beginning to blog.
Visit his blog here.


Two Whizzy said...

Hi Anthony I am just wondering how to do this email thing, as have had some problems recently with a spoofed mailbox, and don't want to make it public, I have moderating turned on at this end, so maybe if you send me yours by comment, I can forward by return. Is this OK?

Anthony Evans said...

You can email me like this: I have a gmail acoount and my username is skinnyboy and my surname-

Hope that is cut up enough to bypass any spoofers.

John Sutton said...

Thanks for the namecheck, Anthony. It's nice to be called a "bit of an authority", not sure how true that is, though. Glad I've found your blog - are you employed by the LEA, or independent?