Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hector the Protector

Yesterdays E Safety Conference hosted by the London Grid for Learning was outstanding.

Ruth Hammond from BECTA struck a good balance between esafety education and the value of the Internet as a powerful educational and entertainment tool.

Throughout the figures, films and the PowerPoints, there was one little tool that I loved.

Hector the Protector is a little dolphin that can swim gently on the desktop of a child's PC. When a child views some inappropriate content they can 'tell'/ click on Hector, who will then clear the screen for them, and advise the child to seek help from a trusted adult.
The dolphin was produced by Netsafe a New Zealand Internet safety organisation. It can be downloaded from Microsoft here.
Watch my short demo below- I was happily surfing until I happened to spot a nasty Internet site!!.

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