Monday, January 08, 2007

Beebots, Esafety and....

It is a very busy time at the moment- Esafety conference last week and Bett this week. There is a lot happening and there is more to say than time to blog. I must point you in the direction of some great things happening on the web. See below:

Beebot fever amid ICT inspirations
You may remember the rather sad film about the plight of South African Beebots who were being smuggled across East London. It seems this story has not gone unmissed. Simon Mills, an ICT god from Bristol used the film as an inspiration to his work with Bebots. Check out his blog as there is more than just free-range Beebots there. I found a lot of his thoughts and ideas show both common sense and a god deal of creativity. Visit his blog here

LGFL new ESafety Resources
Well done to all those who put work into the Esafety resources, now available on the London Grid for learning. Not only are there posters, there are policy templates ( that reflect the current state of children's home Internet use and its consequences/ fallout in school) ; there is also some letters for parents and Inset scripts. Well done to Katie Potts of Islington and everyone else that was involved.


Two Whizzy said...

Hi Anthony, thanks for the recommendation. I am finding the e safety resources posted here really useful and informative, as I begin framing our acceptable use documentation. Thanks to everyone involved, it is amazing. Best Wishes

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