Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Now this is exciting- if you have a flikr account you can geotag your photos- i.e. place them on a flag on a map location. Great eh?

After spending some time messing about with Beebots, I thought we could use these like we used to use Barnaby Bear in Key Stage 1 Geography. Remember that activity where we took shots of a teddy in random global locations? Some schools did this better than others, some had some very dodgy fluffy toys while other excelled with a raft of worldwide locations and a high quality bear. Anyway I am on a tangent here..

So, if we take picture of our Beebot, upload them to Flickr then geotag the photos- we can show kids a map of Beebot's travels and create stories as to why he might be in all of these diverse places.

Have a look at the map below and search in the tag search for "Beebot"

Click here to visit the map- there are only two Beebot tags so far

How do I geotag?

Watch this screencast from Flickr about how it's done


Two Whizzy said...

Thanks for your very positive comments about my blog and would be more than happy for you to highlight my blog in yours. I Really enjoyed your BeeBot photostory, will be developing a control unit with year 2 next term, and it would be interesting to see how wemight use your story as a starting or jumping off point if that is OK?

Anthony Evans said...

By all means but I hope I can update my photosotry before then as the voice is a little quiet!!

I hope you can take some snaps of the Beebot and upload them to flickr.