Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beebots on the quickmap

Ok, you may be thinking I have lost the plot with the whole Beebot thing but I simply must share this new mapping site. It allows you create your own map pins and text labels and generate code to put on your website.

Oh to be geography coordinator again.

To learn more go to http://www.quikmaps.com/


Keith said...

Dear Anthony, thank for your great articles on Beebots, and now I know what Geotagging is. New blogger is definitely a more refined thing. Can't wait to get tagging on my old site http://keithprimaryict.blogspot.com/ and hopefully more easily link to this fabulous site. Many thanks Keith from Bristol

Two Whizzy said...

Hi again Anthony. Thanks for sharing the BeeBot photostory. Built on the idea last week with my year 2 students, and we have developed a set of beebot boogies to share with you. You can acces the quicktime show from the Y2 Section of our school website. Hope you have time and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

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