Monday, October 02, 2006

Probots Tamed

The leading teachers tested, explored and generally messed about with these new yellow beauties.( Sorry for including your photos guys- you just looked so `on task`

Are they any good then?

Well yes and no – we found the instruction manual to be badly printed and misleading when it came to programming the sensors. However, once Nicholas Hughes had worked this out, it all began to click. We then went from feeling collectively defeated to embracing the idea (albeit tentatively) that these could be the KS2 equivalent to Roamers.

TTS will need to make their manual teacher proof, as if baffled Leading ICT teachers then Mrs Jones IN year 5 will be even less likely to use it.(Disclaimer if you are a Mrs Jones in Year 5, then this reference is coincidental.

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Have you got one in your room yet?

Do you have any suggestions for improvemnets if so then email with your ideas

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