Monday, September 25, 2006

Invasion of the Probots

Watch out Cybermen, Daleks and Slitheen -the Probot is here. It ready to kick some Roamers into touch and scramble Pixie plastic!- Not really-All those are still good products!

I am, as you can tell, very excited by the arrival of the Probot in our office- I have also driven my wife mad by playing with it in the back room. And the advisors were a bit concerned when I started testing it on floor 4.

But are they any good?

Really I cant fully answer that question until Wednesday afternoon, when the leading teachers have had a chance to test them. Watch this space for more video clips and some red hot reviews.

In my brief play sessions I noticed that they use Logo on a mobile phone size screen. This can be tyoed in using the keypad. This surely helps those children who found LOGO a little abstract. Though I think the Probot will complement LOGO, rather than replaceit altogether.

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