Monday, October 02, 2006

Clicker 5 Excitement

Just spent a long time fiddling and tinkering with Clicker 5 and its Switch settings. I always hoped that you could control it with a single switch and their latest patch means that you can. This means children can create sentences or just communicate via their switch. I also tinkered with the image library and copied in a bank of PECs symbols, though I could have used Meyer Johnson. This didn't require any special knowledge -just the determination to get the blasted thing working and patience through a long download.

Did you realise that over 90% of schools use Clicker- I wonder how and who.

Below is the first grid I have created for Dylan as an introduction to the software.

(It's hardly a blog authoring tool and I think his output will be limited but hopefully it will push him beyond single words)

I messed around loads with Clicker when I taught full time, making use of it with SEN and EAL kids, but others didn't really get it. I'll do my best to inspire other in Subject leaders on Thursday.

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