Wednesday, August 16, 2006


There was another image for today's entry but the council computers do not allow me the rights to plug in my camera. AAAArgh I think I used to restrict people in this way, when I was an ICT coordinator, all in the name of security. It's what Davitt refers to as a 'bizarre practice' and he begs the question where is the trust, seeing such restrictions as a barrier to ICT innovations in the classroom. Anyway enough of my frustrations with technology!

Today I have mostly been looking at the primary ICT area of the Redbridge LGFL portal. The speed of the Lynton House machines frustrated me to the point of kicking them, whereas I achieved much more in the calm of the new serene S4. I have begun to reorganize and breath fresh life into this area, making use of the new LGFL adaptamations, which are fantastic. While I was trawling through the many documents and modules on the RGFL, I noticed many things I'd not seen before, my favourite being Mr Wix's Hamster diary.

Can I just point out that when I said I was looking at the area , that wasn't all I did today. Its been a busy one with research and installing and evaluating software too. Right onto typing

We are going to be doing a pilot on typing skills next term in Redbridge. This will mean 60 Year 3 children will get their own copy of 2TYPE. Those children will practice twice a week (once at home and once in school) . This will take place over a term and their words per minute will be measured both before and after the pilot. And yes they get to keep the copy of 2 Type. But why? Its not very ICT is it? Where's the Digi-Blue in that ?

Well answers and explanations and rationale will come in my next entry as I need to get off now...

By the way how many words per minute would you measure if you were tested on 2TYPE (or a similar piece of software?)


Anonymous said...

I am a touch typist so I imagine I am pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

2Simple's 2Type program is fabulous. They will love it.