Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Today I have been quite busy -preparing Inset material and reading like a demon (actually I am not sure demons read. )
The book I have been using for Inset planning and general research is: Understanding and Teaching the Primary ICT Curriculum. It is quite heavy in places but throougly informative,challenging and quite exciting. It fully explains what we mean by ICT capability and maps progression in each of the strands, making the National Curriculum its starting point and not the QCA.
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There is so much to read as a primary ICT co-ordinator but it feels as if there is far more to learn in terms of mastering software. A book like this is essential and should be read before we charge into writing the next lesson plan or picking up the next new ICT toy; the mobile, the Probot, Flash for primaries etc.

Anyway heres a review from some guy on th Amazon site and a link to the details, as by now you are probably thinking well who wrote it anyway?

This is a book which clearly discusses all the aspects of the ICT National Curriculum, giving practical examples of how to deliver the content successfully. Issues such as the difference between ICT skills and ICT capability are tackled and discussed. Also the difference between discrete teaching of ICT and the use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning in other subjects is outlined. Anyone using the QTS Scheme of Work for ICT will benefit from reading this. This is the only book I've come across which successfully delivers both practical and theoretical ideas successfully.
A must for Primary teachers and for trainee teachers.

Click on the link to get it cheaper @ Amazon

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