Saturday, June 24, 2006

Redbridge ICT Conference

Inspirational Stuff

Thank you to all those of you attended the conference last Friday. Though really our thanks should go to our three great speakers, their words are still sparking through my brain, challenging my thinking while also affirming what many of us are trying to achieve in Redbridge ICT.
So what were the key messages from the conference?

Chris Wood- The LGFL is old and clunky but its changing and it a VLE!

John D'Abbro- ICT = Digital Creativity= Every Child Matters= Giving Children a voice

John Davitt- We are not all Blogging Podcasting Black Belts- but we do need to try to innovate and move forward through this maze of new technology and web2- but when we do we need to be like Thesues and leave a trail of thread for others to follow.

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