Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Office 2006 Beta

I have downloaded the beta version of Office 2007.They actively encourage you to do this, probably so that they can get users to spot the bugs before it gets its proper release later this year. It was covenient for me too, as my new PC only comes with the TESCO Value version of Office (Works). The beta stays on your machine until Feb 2007 and then it has limited functionality, but I will be rushing out to buy a copy as it is amazing!

Gone are the cumbersome menus, replaced by a ribbon of options across the top. It also appears far eaier to drop photographs into Word docs and there are even features to alter the appearance of the Jpeg. There are some very 'now' autoshapes and flow chart diagrams too. The nicest thing was the ability to add a cover sheet to a document. You know that annoying time when you have finished a piece of work (like a scheme, a policy or an essay) and you want to squeeze a front page onto it. Unless you've got a better way, you normally tag this onto the end of the document.Word 2007 gives you a range of templates to use instead.

I was a bit disapointed with Publihser as it looked unchanged, but Powerpoint came equipped with the same photo effects features and as for Excel I'll need to explore that when I get a minute.

Rememeber do not download this for your school machines, but you may want to begin to get used to it as its coming, maybe not next week but some time - and once you've tried it you wont go back

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