Monday, November 09, 2009

The Last Post

This will be my four hundred and sixth post on this blog. I have really enjoyed using this as a place to explore one of my biggest passions, ICT in the Primary School. This blog has taken me places and enabled me to meet lots of fantastic people. But sadly it now has to close.

My contract in Redbridge will not be renewed therefore it is time to move on. Thank you to all you who have read, commented and chatted further about the links, videos and thoughts on here. Nicholas and I have had a great time working togther and inspiring teachers, TAs, parents and ultimately children in this borough.More recently Dawn, Alex and Dan Lea have greatly enriched this fantastic little community of practioners, who I hope will carry on to do us proud.

However I won't be offline forever. Next month I take up a new post as Online Content manager at 2Simple Software, a role I am hugely excited about.

Bye for now.


Danny Nicholson said...

Good Luck in your new post :)

Mark Warner said...

I'm really sorry to hear this news... I've always enjoyed reading your blog and discovering new and exciting sites.

However, it's great news that you'll be joining 2Simple and I'm sure you'll still be sharing good practice via Twitter.

Good luck with the new job.


John Sutton said...

Cheesy comment coming up: I was listening to Semisonic's fantastic "Closing Time" at the weekend and as the songs says "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Yeah!"

Really pleased for you about the 2Simple thing - I think what I do is going to become increasingly difficult in the next year or two due to constraint on school budgets.

Best of luck with your new job - let's do a curry over Bett!

Linda said...

Talk about "The King is dead, long live the King"! I was really sorry to read your post, then delighted to hear that a great many more of us will benefit from your expertise!

Enjoy yourself - they're a great bunch of people.

EBD35 said...

Silly Redbridge! I an really sad to see the end of this blog but look forward to following your work at 2Simple. Redbridge loss 2Simple's gain ;o)

pearlyadder said...

Good luck in your new post Anthony and congratulations. You will be a huge loss to Redbridge. I, for one, have learnt a huge amount from you and I am sure I will continue to do so.


Nic Hughes said...

Great post dude, Look forward to following your new blog.

Wells Primary School said...

So I really did miss some very important information at the last subject leaders meeting!!! Very very sorry to hear that Redbridge is going to loose you. You have been inspirational! Sorry if it sounds slushy. I wish you all the luck in the world in your new post, but think that 2simple are very luck to have you.

Good Luck

Looking forward to what you will bring to 2simple.


anjum cleveland junior said...

Good luck in your new role anthony, you will be sorely missed! Simon and I have both learnt so much from you and have enjoyed the new projects and ideas you have given, good luck in all you do dude!

Anonymous said...

Good luck matey

Anonymous said...

A sad day for Redbridge, a very sad day for ICT innovation. Short-sighted and not what we need if we are to move ICT forward in our schools.

Good luck in your new role.


myrtle said...

Only just found your wonderfull blog and to echo another, silly Redbridge! Good luck with 2 Simple and will lok forward to what you write about it via twitter...

Adam Collyer said...

Redbridge are crazy to let you go mate - and I'm certain they'll regret it come next year.

Going back to your time @ South Park it was clear to everyone from your approach and attitude that you were meant for bigger and better things. It was awesome working with you - it made my time @ SPPS a whole lot easier and exponentially more interesting.

I think 2Simple is exactly the right next step for you - I'm well chuffed for you mate! Now your influence is going to affect schools further out than Redbridge - this can only lead to good things!

2Simple have acquired a highly sought after asset.

Doug said...

Bad day for Redbridge and its schools, teachers and children .... good day for you

Enjoy and be yourself wherever you are.